We Never Attack Their True Leaders.

There are many pillars of the rotten foundation that explain why the Democrats lose so many races that they should win – but one that is certainly clear is that we never aggressively attack the true leaders of the Right even though we know who they are.

In case you don’t – meet David Koch.

Here’s the most stunning part of that article.

Network officials said they still anticipate spending between $300 million to $400 million on political activity in the 2017-2018 election cycle, a target unveiled earlier this year. They said it will probably be closer to the higher end of that range

Right now they are focused on the destruction of the Affordable Care Act – currently they are fighting it because it doesn’t go far to destroy health care for Americans.

They also have spent hundreds of millions supporting climate change deniers. In fact, it could be argued that their efforts there are the single most important reason that the issue is still muddled in the US.

David Koch and his brothers own Koch Industries which is an enormously profitable company, however, the desire to make more money doesn’t truly explain how fiercely motivated David Koch is to remake America in an image that I do not recognize. Their stated belief that their father’s experience in the Soviet Union in the 1930s heightened their fear of government in our lives doesn’t either in my opinion.

I have worked with many environmental groups and encouraged them to go after the Koch brothers and expose their agenda and their beliefs but groups like NRDC simply aren’t willing to do it.

Anyone who has worked with or followed George Soros’s career knows that the right has no such constraint. They relentlessly attack Soros for supporting liberal and progressive groups, for working for peace in the Middle East and for supporting emerging democracies in Europe.

At times, this relentless glare has led some groups to either return money to Soros or try to hide his support.

Koch, however, is free to continue to pull strings at highest level of government.

Phillips said the subject came up on Friday night during a 45-minute meeting here between Koch and Vice President Pence. Phillips said no specific “ask” was made of the vice president during the sit-down, which also covered tax reform. “We’ve had productive discussions with them to try getting to the right place,” Phillips said.

Phillips there being Tim Phillips, head of Americans For Prosperity – a Koch-brother funded organization.

Through their foundations, the Koch Brothers buy themselves respectability which they do not deserve. Museums and schools that accept their money are complicit in their campaign to fundamentally change our country and have it abandon the principals on which it was founded.

I Googled “George Soros Liberal Scum.”

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 1.36.47 PM

At the same time, the Koch brothers skate along with the leaders of the White House kneeling at their feet and taking orders.

I have never heard a Democratic leader aggressively attack the Koch brothers. It’s long past time.

(featured photo of David Koch courtesy of The Washington Post.)

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