“Have You Seen How Bad We Are At This?”

It must be satire I thought when it first popped up in my news feed – I mean, given the situation unfolding every day in front of is, the fight for the Afford able Care Act, the issue that there actually probably is something there in all the Russian smoke, or perhaps even just the fact that a Republican President has, in a little over a week, body-slammed a major network logo and gone off on a MSNBC news anchor for bleeding from the face.

On the 4th of July, we celebrated our country – and what a perfect opportunity that would have been to share with the American people exactly what kind of country it is that Democrats want.

Perhaps the issue of a Republican President demanding voter rolls, illegally mind you, might spur us to true action?

But instead we have reached a new low – and one that all of the progressive online donations can’t fix.

The DCCC is indeed running a contest to decide what new sticker to print. 

There are as you can see four contenders.

Now, there already have been so many articles about how horrible a positioning line this is – and how terrible the thinking about it is. Now, there already have been so many articles about how horrible a positioning line this is – and how terrible the thinking about it is. 

I would ask you to then consider that in this context.

First, the DCCC is, as you likely know, but just to further state, the primary organization that the Democrats have to help Congressional Candidates. If you are an aspiring candidate, this is the organization that it is funded by Democrats to help you.

This is the organization that helps you, as a candidate, with managing your campaign, finding you fundraisers and also consultants for your campaign.

One such consultant was more than likely paid for this sticker idea.

The people behind the horrific and false Ossoff email campaign were formerly at the DCCC.

Second, the people at the DCCC, the people in Washington and the consultants around them not only approved this – they think it’s good.

Pause on that a second. This didn’t just pop up on the DCCC’s site – they actually think that each of these lines is either funny, memorable or strong.

Each of the four stickers is worse than the last.

Third, when Ossoff gets the DCCC help and loses by more than say Archie Parnell does in South Carolina on the same day in South Carolina, the reason is directly tracked back to the DCCC and the consultants in Washington.

Fourth, can this be fixed? At Daily Kos, they don’t much like the talk of a third party, but as Americans, as people who want a better country for ourselves, children and grand children – at what point do we say enough is enough? What Macron did in under a year in France is fascinating – maybe there is a path like that in the States.

This may be gone past the point of no return. Already we see that we need transformational candidates such as Barack Obama to win and our A candidates, Gore, Kerry, Clinton, can’t win with this level of brand incompetency around them.

Finally, whose fault is this?

It’s our fault. Mine, yours, every single Democrat out there who donates to a Congressional Candidate without first understanding who their consultants, whether the DCCC is working with them and what their plans are for the campaign.

We, my fellow Americans, we are the money behind this.

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 5.33.04 AM

Democrats gave them over $220,000,000 last cycle. They spent it all (you recall how well we did in House races last November right?)

And you see that Cash On Hand, well, some of that just got spent on a campaign to build the DCCC email list by asking everyone to pick a f—–g sticker.

It’s time we resist.

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