Washington Thinks You Are A Fool. And You Keep Proving Them Right.

I wonder, honestly, when the realization will settle in on the average Democrat. By average, I mean the person who wants the world to be a better place, wants to help others, and wants to see their leaders fight the good fight.

What’s tragic is that so many of these people give their hard-earned money to the Democrats, or volunteer on campaigns, thinking they are joining a mission and a cause. I have seen people fly across the country to knock on doors – pay their own expenses and volunteer (I did that for a year by the way – so I am guilty too.)

What I, and Nathan, and others learned, was that actually you are servants, slaves, fools, something in the machine that makes money for Washington consultants and the party. These people, let’s be clear, are printing money.

Remember Jack Abramoff? He was charging $25,000 for five minute meet and greets with President George W. Bush. I found out in 2004 that if Kerry had been elected, that I could have done that – grab and hour of John’s time and run 10 – 15 people through the Oval Office.

The disgusting thing is that the DC groups not only are really (honest) in it just for the money – I think this is something the average Democrat who donates can’t really understand (or doesn’t want to.)

The DCCC takes in $200,000,000 from people like you and comes up with this crap.

The Ossoff campaign spends $25,000,000 loses and doesn’t do a post mortem or offer any explanation at all.

The reason that do that is because


Have you ever had a teenager? Or know one? Do you think you are going to change their behavior by yelling and screaming and then giving them the car keys again on a Saturday night?

Of course not.

So we can all yell and scream and think of things that are wrong, but the reality is the Democrats in Washington (Committees, Consultants) are only concerned about one thing – will you give them money?

We need to stop – now.

Want the most disgusting example? How about Mark Penn? A truly horrible human being – Mark Penn has made tens of millions of dollars off you and he thinks you’re a fool

Mark Penn was one of Hillary’s closest advisors in 2008 (arguably costing her a primary victory) and Mark Penn advises Democrats and corporations.

Mark Penn also is partial owner of the firm that helped Karen Handel beat Ossoff. Isn’t that lovely? Right now, Mark Penn and people like him are lining up 2018 candidates left and right – they are looking ahead to 2020 – they don’t care who wins or loses they just see the money raised in the Ossoff race or the money pouring into Wisconsin and are laughing all the way to the bank.

And it’s your fault.




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