We Shoot Ourselves In The Head.

Gun control is a smart idea. Gun control may well be needed for Democrats to have people around to actually vote in 2020. This was shared by a good, smart friend of mine on Facebook. The sentiment may have some underlying foundational goodness, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions and this is one of, if not the dumbest, thing I have seen on Facebook all day . Which is saying something if you are following the President in Europe.

Actually, I was almost certain that this group was a right wing front group but it’s not. It is apparently a group of older, well-meaning Democrats who are doing the Republicans dirty work for them and counting on their 69,000 Facebook fans to seal the deal.

Is this as bad as the Democrats recent re-branding efforts? No, it’s probably worse because the message it sends is devastating to the efforts to provide health care to Americans.

First, this is the ultimate right wing talking point – healthcare will COST too much. It’s not true, in fact, it’s just the opposite – people not having health care costs too much money. That’s why the origins of the Affordable Care Act was what Republican Governor Mitt Romney did in Massachusetts.

Second, did your taxes go up with the Affordable Care Act went into place? No. Will they go down with the GOP version? No. (Unless as we all know, you are in the 1/10th of 1% of American wage earners.)

Third, the federal budget is a large pie. We don’t have to choose between higher income taxes for people in middle class and health care. Now, we might have to choose between one new Naval ship ($300,000,000) and health care for everyone, but I think we all know what we would pick? Or maybe Donald Trump can’t play golf in Florida one weekend next year?

That’s the debate we need to have. Now I know why Republicans are so against gun control, they know Democrats love shooting themselves in the head, or feet or anywhere. Which, since we won’t have healthcare, is a doubly bad idea.



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