A Better Friday Digest Post.

It’s really just too much to watch this shit show that has become the Democrats. It’s clear that the party is dead and we need to use technology and the passion that exists around the country to steer our country right again.

It’s a summer Friday.


I’m far from the only person to write about the outrage that is this new piece of crap slogan that Democrats unveiled. My friend Taylor Marsh had a smart idea that I hadn’t though of – how about letting someone else present the new slogan instead of the same old morons?

I have three real problems with it – beyond the obvious, it sucks.

But why does it suck so bad?

First, you might have something good, or something decent, but what I have is better? So a better deal immediately implies that what you have is okay – and that’s just wrong.

Second, what have the Democrats done or proposed that would actually be a better deal? Brands are not built by words, they are built by actions. What are the actions that the Democrats took when they had all three houses of government that gave people a better deal? Crickets.

Third, this slogan probably cost millions of dollars and a few days after it was launched, it’s already gone into the vapor of past crappy slogans. The money has been wasted and here we are. I mean I think the Mooch is bat-shit crazy but he would never present something as bad as this.

Here’s the best for last and this is really important. Read this slowly.


If you have (or know) a teenager, you know how they do the dumbest thing in the world and it makes perfect sense to them and they stood up in public without shame and said these words.

That my friends is the end of the Democratic Party.

John McCain


So I have known him personally my whole life – I spent a ton of time as a young boy with his dad. But when he showed up in Washington this past week, the Democrats absolutely blew it.

They stood up and applauded a man who was getting treatment under the Affordable Care Act for a pre-existing condition who flew to help his party’s efforts to deny tens of millions of Americans the same health plan.

And they missed the opportunity to point out that Senators were voting to keep the same care for themselves that they were denying in others.

As Paul Abrams says, the Democrats never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

Trump’s Nuremberg Boy Scout Rally.

Wasn’t it smart of the Democrats to really seize on this – put pressure on the Boy Scouts to come out hard versus the rhetoric Trump spewed?

The Boy Scouts Of America are PUBLICIZING Trump’s speech.

His speech was not okay.

The Dem’s response was worse.

That’s it folks, another shitty week for the Dems. Maybe worst ever.

No post mortem from the Ossoff Campaign and where the $25,000,000 went.

Mothership Strategies is still in business but evidently not addressing where the $4,00,000 in Ossoff money went.

Randy Bryce chose one of the largest DC consulting firms to run his campaign – appointing a campaign manager from New York City (file under things you can’t make up)







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